You already know there’s a war for federal cyber talent. Other federal agencies and the private sector want what you want—the best talent in this industry. However, rarely do these in-demand candidates actively seek new positions, making it a challenge to discover and qualify them.

Recently, OPM announced that “active and targeted sourcing of talent is necessary in order to meet the high volume of cybersecurity hiring required to expand and maintain the workforce. ” Are you equipped with the right tools to close the federal cyber talent gap at your agency?

Monster Government Solutions can help your agency hire capable cybersecurity professionals by:

Sourcing passive, in-demand cyber talent using TalentBin by Monster, then inviting them to apply.

Finding top cyber talent with our online and social media recruiting tools to engage them where they live.

Delivering a positive agency brand experience through Monster Career Sites, allowing your agency to stand out from other potential employers. 

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