Employer Branding Resources for Federal Agencies

From Monster’s Future of Work research, we know that 42% of candidates claimed meaningful work to be the most important factor driving their career choices. Well, how much more meaningful can your career be than serving the public? With a range of agencies and missions, job seekers interested in public service have a plentitude of ways to pursue work for the greater good. 

Still, having an important mission is not enough! Agencies are not only competing with each other for job seekers, but they are also competing with the private sector, which has leverage when it comes to salaries and remote flexibility. So how can an agency distinguish themselves? Employer Branding! And by employer branding, we don’t just mean having a career page with a few benefit statements. 

Check out the resources below if your federal agency is interested in learning more about employer branding strategies and insights!

2024 monster employer branding guideMonster’s Employer Branding Guide

In this guide, Monster’s employer branding thought leaders take you through:
• Employer Branding 101
• The elements of an employer brand
• Where to showcase your employer brand
• The critical role of employer branding in a flexible workplace
• Your employer branding toolkit

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2022 monster employer branding 1

Mission Matters: Why Your Agency Brand is Key to Recruiting Top Talent

When it comes to recruiting top talent, federal agencies may have a hard time competing with the private sector on compensation and efficiency of the hiring process, but most have one great advantage: mission. How do you go about leveraging agency brand and mission?  

Here are a few steps to get you started >

2022 monster employer branding 1


Employer Branding: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Here’s a look at Monster’s latest employer branding data in our employer branding infographic, plus a few takeaways to help reposition your employer’s brand to information-hungry job seekers.

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 Monster Government Solutions - Employer Brand on Demand

Employer Brand-on-Demand

When you need to attract and hire the right candidates quickly in a talent-scarce market, you need to demonstrate the “why” behind your organization in a clear and concise way.

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