In response to the Executive Order 14100, OPM and OMB published its Government-wide Military-Connected Strategic Plan to assist federal agencies to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors. In the memo to the CHCO council, OPM and OMB shared that “agencies are encouraged to evaluate current employment policies, practices, and procedures to address the goals and actions in this plan.” The plan comprises three main goals:

1. Eliminate Employment Barriers and Strengthen Military-Connected Families’ Access to Agency Programs
2. Increase the Number of Military-Connected Family Members Serving in the Federal Government
3. Create Workforce Development Opportunities to Support the Sustainability of Military-Connected Employees 

Part of the plan encourages agencies to leverage the Military Spouse Noncompetitive Appointment Authority (EO 13473), which OPM extended until 2028, and provides opportunities for agencies to build on previous executive orders to advance DEIA in the federal workforce. For a more comprehensive update from the White House on its military-connected hiring initiatives, including the White House’s Guide to Recruiting and Hiring Military Spouses, read the memo here.

As the leading federal recruiting and hiring innovator of 20+ years, MonsterGov has a range of capabilities to support federal agencies in reaching talent goals in alignment with these plans.’s Targeted Recruitment. Part of Monster, is the #1 news and resource site for veterans, spouses, and families. Between military and veteran spouses self-identifying as readers, dedicated channels and resources, has the most targeted engagement capabilities to reach this talent.

Monster’s Employer Branding Solutions. Attract and recruit military-connected individuals with employer branding. Career sites and defining employer value propositions can help your agency share its messages of flexible workplace, schedule arrangements, childcare benefits, and other critical needs for military-connected families.

Federal Talent Acquisition with MHME. MonsterGov federal agencies using MHME can use the Military Spouse hiring path within the applicant tracking system’s Vacancy Builder. This ensures relevant jobs populate in USAJOBS when applicants use the Military Spouse search function.

MonsterGov Resources for Military-Connected Hiring. For additional resources on recruiting and hiring military and veteran spouses, please visit our Resource page here. 

For more information on how MonsterGov empowers federal agencies with targeted recruitment and hiring solutions, please contact us here.


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