Your Brand Targeted to the Right People

What are Monster Social Brand Ads?
Your employer brand is key to attracting and retaining great talent. People want to know your brand, organization story, value proposition basically everything before applying for a job. Monster Social Brand Ads does that for you. It automatically turns your brand into a series of social ad campaigns, placed in front of precisely targeted, active and passive candidates on Facebook and Instagram.

How do Monster Social Brand Ads work?
Monster Social Brand Ads was created to give you an advantage in a very competitive hiring market. Unique in the industry, Monster Social Brand Ads automates and streamlines your employer branding strategy.

Driven by proprietary, multidimensional targeting, it’s a series of high-performance social ad campaigns that change monthly. Those campaigns place your brand in front of active and passive talent not accessible through any other ad platforms. It provides the means to boost your brand presence, convey your employee value proposition, and promote a positive image of your organization.

What do Monster Social Brand Ads accomplish?
Monster Social Brand Ads delivers:

  • Brand exposure - delivers daily impressions
  • Proprietary targeting technology - targets qualified candidates based on the profile data
  • Mobile optimization - reach candidates wherever they are
  • Flexibility - select your campaign destinations. Three subscription tiers to choose from.

Why are Monster Social Brand Ads unique?
Only Monster gathers detailed candidate data from 100+ sites, and compiles it into complete profiles.


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