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Assessment Alternatives to Self-Evaluation Questionnaires

Person using a laptop with smiley faces displayedThe market is filled with various hiring assessment resources, and we know it can be confusing. So, we pulled together an article defining the types of assessments and how they work.

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3 Tips for Classifiers Building PDs

Two people looking at a tabletClassifiers are experts when it comes to the range and depth of the work done across government, but we've partnered with enough federal agencies to know there can be some speedbumps in the classification and position description process. Take a look at some of our tips to help make classifiers' jobs easier!
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Product Spotlight: Monster Collaborate

Woman smiling at a laptop screenGathering SMEs to review applicants and provide scores and feedback can be cumbersome over email and attachments. Monster Collaborate streamlines the entire process so HR can build and assign panels, collect scores, and quicken the process with automatic notifications to facilitate the candidate assessment phase of federal hiring and improve overall hiring selections.

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Heads up: Next MHME Survey

We want your feedback textKeep your eyes and ears peeled – the next Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (MHME) Satisfaction Survey will be in your inbox soon. Feedback from our customers is critical to our process and development, and the more the merrier!

Relive our Federal Hiring Assessments Webinar

Improve Hiring Selections webinarIn case you missed it, a recording is now available of our recent hiring assessments webinar. MonsterGov’s Shannon Kobus, manager of I/O Psychology Services, walks us through the Executive Order on modernizing the assessment of federal candidates and how the Monster Applicant Assessment platform can support these requirements.

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