MonsterGov Federal Newsletter January 2024

In this issue: MHME 2023 Recap, Locality & GS Pay Updates, 4.18 Sprint Review, Selecting Official Water Cooler, Upcoming MHME Training

Did 2023 Happen Too Fast?
Check out our recap of MHME!

MHME icon on purple backgroundWith 14 MHME releases in 2023, we can imagine it’s difficult to remember all the enhancements and new features in your federal talent acquisition system. Below you can see some of our favorites from last year. Thank you to our federal agency clients for your continued partnership and collaboration as we grow together!

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MonsterGov Update for 2024 GS Pay Scales and Locality Adjustments

Person using a laptopUpon OPM’s approval of the locality pay area changes, MonsterGov shared plans to implement these changes in MHME Release 4.17.2. The new General Schedule pay plan, inclusive of the newly-authorized federal pay raise, was already loaded into MHME production systems earlier this month.

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Client Agencies Invited to Provide Feedback at 4.18 Sprint Review Sessions

Hand gesturing to a computer screenLast month, we kicked off the 4.18 Sprint Review series for client feedback! We shared early stages of enhancements to Job Analysis, which you may recall, was the focus of our first User Group last year. Federal agency users interested in these client feedback sessions can check the Corner for details, as well as the recording for the first session. We hope you can join us!

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Selecting Official Survey and Next Water Cooler on 1/30

Monster standing near a watercooler with colleagues wavingThank you to all our federal clients who responded to our Selecting Official survey! We are analyzing the survey responses to determine how to best move forward with the Selecting Official module. In the meantime, please save the date for January 30, 2024, for our next Water Cooler. Our Selecting Official SMEs will be available to answer your questions and gather feedback. We hope you can join us!

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Upcoming Open Enrollment, Virtual
Training Opportunities

•  Basic Monster Hiring Management (1.5 days) - February 6-7

•  Selecting Employees with Monster Hiring Management (1.5 days) - February 13-14

• Advanced Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (1.5 days) - February 21-22

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